Freeze Dried Miracle Berry, 10 Whole Premium Berries

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  • 10 Freeze Dried Whole Miracle Berries, Not Halves.
  • Turns sour foods to sweet! Try lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and strawberries!
  • Chew the berry for 30 seconds before eating anything sour. Do not chew or swallow the seed ( (bitter but safe!). Swallow and enjoy new flavors!
  • Ideal for flavor tripping during parties, can satisfy your craving for sugar without any remorse.
  • Ideal gift for diabetics, dieters and those who want to cut sugar intake.

The naturally growing miracle fruit was first discovered in West Africa. It contains a special protein called 'miraculin' that creates this taste altering experience. It turns everything sour to a sweet sensation and transforms foods you never thought could be so sweet and delicious. Lemons taste like lemonade.

We grow miracle fruit on our farms to confidently ensure the quality of the miracle fruit. We take best fruits, flash freeze them and place them in a freeze dryer which super-freezes and then slowly removes all ice as water vapor under heavy vacuum while keeping the fruit at sub freezing temps. We are left with a perfect fruit in whole form without any preservatives and will be stable for a year at room temp in our special foil seal packaging.


1. Cleanse your palate with a glass of water as miraculin works best with clean tongue. Try to avoid eating the miracle berry after brushing your teeth or mouth wash. 

2. Take 1 miracle berry from the package and place it on your tongue. Don't chew or swallow the seed of miracle fruit. It's bitter but safe.

3. Chew for about 30 seconds, moving the berry around your mouth.

4. One serving of miracle berry may last from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the individual. 



Reseal the Ziploc bag as soon as possible after opening. Use within 30 days of opening.