Mood Boost

Made with herbal components that can soothe and bring health benefits along with a refreshing flavor, our herbals teas make a great beverage you can enjoy anytime, hot or cold.


Our Story

It all started with two best friends, a trip to Thailand and a unique sample of local herbal tea products which would then change the course of our lives forever. That trip inspired us to make the best tasting, highest quality herbal tea and share Miraland Berry products with everyone.

  • If You need to get your period back to a normal schedule or happened to be late for a few days or weeks this is the tea for you. Take three times a day for 3 days, Morning, afternoon, and before bed and it will help the process of your period start. No more is needed. Just follow the direction and you will feel things happening each time you drink this tea. (If needed for something else A*******

    Jessica Marie

  • The taste and the fragrance of this tea is like nothing I've had. I was referred by an online acquaintance to buy this and was skeptical because of the price but you only need to use a few leaves for a cup so it's a good value! It makes a beautiful and tasty cup of tea!

    Tiffany Jones

  • The flavor was not quite what I was expecting, it’s a very warm flavor almost reminiscent of, well, peas! It’s not bad but I expected something cooler and floral akin to jasmine or hibiscus tea. The color though, is gorgeous and immediate, and you can really play with it when adding things. For instance, honey changes the color, but sugar does not. I was not aware honey was acidic, but this proved it.

    Marc Woods