Why Choose Us?

Superior Experience

Our products are made with love using ingredients from Thailand, the USA, and several European countries. A lot of passion and skills go into the making of the tea. As a result, not only do we sell tea but also a marvelous experience for our customers.

Flavorful and all Natural

Made with herbal components that can soothe and bring health benefits along with a refreshing flavor, our herbals teas make a great beverage you can enjoy anytime, hot or cold.

Health Benefits

We only focus on the tea which is good for you, and you know it’s coming from well-intentioned sources. Health, vitality and joy – tea truly is a well-rounded beverage!

Direct from Farm

We source our herbal teas directly from the tea farms we work with. Most of our tea sources are relatively small tea farms. This is a good approach because it gets the tea-leaf to our customers faster and fresher.