About us

Just like a cup of tea, life needs to be enjoyed either alone or in the company of loved ones. With the aim of bringing love to every home, we founded Clover Bay Trading Inc. in 2016 with our first product being Miracle Berry. Our idea was inspired by our visit to Taiwan and encounter with Miracle Berry; a taste-altering fruit of West African origin that changes sour food to sweet. From the very first taste, we fell in love with the fruit and decided to share the same joy with the rest of the world. 5 years down the line, we have expanded our brand to offer more products including herbal tea, blue butterfly pea flower tea, Egyptian lotus flower tea, mullein leaf tea, mugwort tea, and much more.

Our products are made with love using ingredients from Thailand, the USA, and several European countries. A lot of passion and skills go into the making of the tea. As a result, not only do we sell tea but also a marvelous experience for our customers. In order to cater to everyone, we produce both loose leaf tea and tea bags. Although the presentation may be different, all our selections have the best flavors.

Having invested in a lot of research and technology, you are guaranteed of high-quality tea that will transform every moment into a party. We are constantly reinventing ourselves so as to stay ahead of the game when it comes to offering quality, authentic, sophisticated, and unique tea.

Do not miss out on the wonderful experience. Make an order today!