Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers, (2.8Oz)

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The butterfly pea flower is a native from Thailand where it is called Dok Anchan (Latin name is clitoria ternatia). 

It grows on a vine producing bountiful crops of delicate blue and purple flowers which are typically dried. 

The dried flowers are used in Thailand as a herbal ingredient to many foods (such as rice and desserts) and in drinks. 

Butterfly peas have a neutral taste and very mild aroma kind of like peas. 

In some preparations there is no evidence of taste or aroma just the pure blue or purple color. 

The most popular drink of all being Nam Dok Anchan which is a special butterfly pea tea flower drink mixed with honey and lemon and served over ice to travelers as a welcome drink in Thailand. 

The color of this flower is very interesting. 

When first extracted from the flower (for example when steeped in hot water to drink as a tea) the color is bright blue, but then if a squeeze of lemon or lime is added, it changes to royal purple and almost pink in some instances due to the change in acidity.